Innovative Solutions
for Agriculture

IntTerra is a team of experts in agronomy, precision agriculture and IT, that creates decision support tools for various companies in agriculture industry

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Built with deep agronomical expertize using latest technological advancements and offers a sofisticated decision support tool

Built for the Ag consultants to increase efficiency of field surveys, diagnostics, and technology assessment

Our goal is to help to improve businesses for the wide range of agriculture players:
  • Agronomists and farm managers
  • Ag consutants
  • Banking
  • Ag Insurers
  • Traders
  • Agricultural machinery producers

We integrate various technologies into the one platform, bring them to perfection and reaching unbeatable level of analytics via:

  • High quality
    weather data
  • Satellite data
  • Forecast of optimal windows for the application of crop protection
  • Agricultural
    machinery data
  • Crops
  • Deep insights into our customers business
    • Deep agronomic insights into crop conditions via combination of multiple data sources
    • High speed and efficiency of scouting via data recording automation
    • Greater expertise via built in the crop survey methodologies and pests and diseases catalogue
    • Automated quality assessment of the field operations
    • Timely and quality decisions on farm operations via the full picture of the crops conditions
    • Automated collaboration with the Ag consultants
    • User friendly and simple interface that is easy to master and operate outside
    • Optimized for using on tablets together with off-line mode for fields with weak signal
    • Constant monitoring of the customers crops even remotely
    • Quick selection of fields that require attention with special field ranking technology
    • Crops problems detection that are invisible otherwise and
    • Easy location of spots that require attention with geolocation help
    • Keep scouting reports with the help of automation to ensure easy process and adherence to crop survey methodology
    • Access to all previous scouting reports and history of field operations
    • Remote crops diagnostics and agronomic support
    • Optimized for using on tablets together with off-line mode for fields with weak signal
By combining various sources of data and applying latest technologies we help our customers to move beyond usual growing practices

We enable a much earlier identification of potential issues in the field, drive timely execution of the agricultural operations and their quality control.

New tools help to improve business profitability, however that often requires business transformation.

Therefore we not only develop new tools but also provide great care to our customers to ensure full implementation of new tools via technical support at the all stages of our products use.

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